Murder in the Royal Court


The queen has gathered all subjects and royalty from neighboring kingdoms to announce the engagement of her son, Charles. But, a dark force has entered the castle — against the queen's orders — and the curse must be stopped! Hopefully, through it all, there won't be a murder on top of it, but if there is, it will be up to you to help solve the crime! This night of twists-and-turns is not to be forgotten.

Be sure and wear your Renaissance garb, if you dare …

Murder at an Irish Wake

Murder at an Irish Wake

Mr. Limerick has died and we are there for his wake, with singing and dancing and lots of Irish merry-making.
But, things take a turn for the worse in the middle of the wake, and the next thing you know, you're solving a crime!

Murder on a Harley


1955: The RBMC, a motorcycle club rides into Hollister, California for the annual races. The residents are uneasy but mostly willing to put up with their visitors. But, trouble starts when the first prize is given in the hotly contested "Arden Van Sycle" Motorcycle Rally. As the judges wait for the picture to be developed to determine the photo finish, trouble begins when the winner is announced!

Dress 1950's or in your Motorcycle Leathers …

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