Murder on a Harley


1955: The RBMC, a motorcycle club rides into Hollister, California for the annual races. The residents are uneasy but mostly willing to put up with their visitors. But, trouble starts when the first prize is given in the hotly contested "Arden Van Sycle" Motorcycle Rally. As the judges wait for the picture to be developed to determine the photo finish, trouble begins when the winner is announced!

Dress 1950's or in your Motorcycle Leathers …

Murder at the Luau


As special VIP guests, you are invited to an exclusive Luau on "Luau Larry's" Private Island and Tropical Paradise in the South Pacific. However, things take an unlikely turn, and you are swept up in a MURDER! With a cast of unsavory suspects … this is sure to be the crime-solving hit of the summer!

Tropical and Luau Attire is recommended … so get out your Hawaiian shirts!

The Bernice Murders


Get ready for another trip on the Countess Luxury Line cruise ship! This year's destination: the Wiki- Tiki Lounge in O'ahu, as special VIP guests for the long-running Eddie Melvin show! Join the THREE polyester-clad Bernices, ships' captain, Cappy Catalina, and show biz favorite, Eddie Melvin, for our latest Murder Mystery spectacular!

Tropical and Luau Attire is recommended … so get out your Hawaiian shirts!

Murder at the Speakeasy

Murder in the Roaring 20s

Join us for our for Denver's Favorite 1920's Gangster/Flapper Mystery, MURDER AT THE SPEAKEASY! Set in "Big Al's" Speakeasy & Cabaret, where you will meet an assortment of colorful and unsavory characters! Big Al, himself, the head of the whole bootlegging operation, Mae Weist, the "Greatest Cabaret Singer in the World", Fast Eddie, the gunman, Trixie LaRue, cigarette girl, and poet laureate, and don't forget Cookie!

Keep your eyes open, they may be up to NO GOOD! And … it's up to you — the audience — to solve this baffling Interactive Comedy "WhoDunnit"!
Remember to wear your gangster, flapper and other 1920's attire!

A Made for TV Holiday Homicide


Join us this Holiday season for the filming of the made for TV movie "Let the Snow Fall Where It May". However, not everyone on the set is in a festive mood as tempers flare. Will the winter jubilee be ruined by a dastardly murder?

Wear your favorite ugly holiday sweater!

Steam Trunk Murder


In the midst of the French Revolution, only one thing stands in the way of overthrowing Marie Antoinette's royal court … the British Havensworth Brothers Hat Company. Can the likes of poets, rebels, cricket players, and American fur trappers bankrupt the felt hat industry? Can the British government rewind time, to thwart French rebels? Find out in "Steam Trunk Murder" … a blend of fantasy, history, and revolution!

Wear your favorite Steam Punk grab …

An Artful Murder!

An Artful Murder

You find yourself in the middle of one of the most profitable art auctions of our time. Welcome to the Blatt Gallery, with locations around the world. Just as you prepare to outbid the million dollar starting bid on a stunning painting - a murder occurs! And now, it's up to you to help solve the crime.

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