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Adams Mystery Playhouse is Colorado's first and only Mystery Dinner Theatre, where you can expect a unique entertainment experience. With the emphasis on fun and humor, you'll relish our special brand of comedy, created by five professional, hilarious actors. Shows are appropriate for all ages and any type of group or corporation. Everything is politically correct and rated somewhere between PG and PG-13, while putting out edge-y humor and witty banter. This is a crowd-pleaser for almost any age and entertainment preference.

You'll start with Adams' secure off-street parking and easy accessibility from I-25. Then, enter this unique and Hollywood-esque mansion, as doors are unlocked at 6:00pm. For best arrival time at the mansion, plan on entering around 6:15 to 6:20pm.

The bar is open, and what a bar it is! Adams Mystery Playhouse features Denver's only one-of-a-kind Casket Bar (never used before, thankfully), which is stocked with a large assortment of beer, wine and call liquor, as well as, non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks. At 6:30pm, be astounded by the entrance of some very suspicious characters (the actors) who will mingle with you during cocktails, dropping clues and building intriguing relationships. Guests can participate in the Adams Scavenger Hunt, or psychic readers are often available (readings are $5 minimum per reading and not included in the ticket price).

Carlos & Marne Cuellar (image) Then, hosts Marne and Carlos Cuellar, and members of their friendly staff, will direct you to the Spider Web Dining Room Theatre at 6:45pm. You'll enjoy a sumptuous buffet dinner, and settle in at your table, accommodating 10-guests (larger parties are always seated together). The mystery continues throughout dinner, as our "characters" are out mingling amongst the tables with more incriminating testimony and answering guests' questions.

Once the guests have had a chance to enjoy their dinner, a murder occurs and you are a witness. We take a short break after the crime, giving the guests an opportunity to visit the bar and search the room for clues.

The performance continues with different types of entertainment (songs, impressions, etc.) and many other surprises. Enter: the Detective, who deputizes the audience, and, with your help, tries to unravel this hysterical mystery. You set the tone and the pace of the investigation, with questions and clues that you'll uncover.

After all suspects have been questioned and clues brought to the surface, we break the audience into teams, by table, to vote on WHODUNIT and why. We encourage the guests to come up with creative names and solutions - and they do! It's a great way to create team building and friendly competition.

When all the votes are in, the murderer is revealed and confessions are made. Souvenir prizes are handed out to the team who solved the crime! The evening wraps up between 9:15pm and 9:45pm. Our shows feature a lot of improvisation with the audience, making it hard to predict exactly when the show will end. Case closed — see you next time!

  • Additional Info:
    • Adams is completely handicap accessible (in the Spider Web Dining Room Theatre, but not the Six Feet Under or William Simpson Room)
    • We recommend that guests car pool whenever possible
    • Full bar service is available the entire evening. Bar drinks are cash only. Bar tabs can be run for large parties.
    • Shows are completely interactive, giving the audience an opportunity to participate as much or as little as they like
    • Guests are encouraged to wear costumes for many of the shows, but dressy-casual is the norm. There is no dress code.
    • Parents with children under five years old might be asked to watch from the lobby, if children are disrupting the show.
    • Vegetarians and guests requiring gluten-free meals should tell the Adams Box Office ahead of your show date, so that we may accommodate your needs.
    • Photographs are allowed, but video taping more than 2 minutes is prohibited.

    Call us at (303) 455-1848 for tickets and more information

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